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Short Judgement regarding enrollment of Bar Council,Bangladesh

Short Judgement regarding enrollment of Bar Council,Bangladesh

In Civil Petition For Leave to Appeal Nos. 2761-2764 of 2016 with CP 2777-2779, 2498, 2880,3016, 3570,3577 and CP 2873 of 2016, the Appellate Division has mentioned that "The Private Universities other than Darul Ihsan University shall continue the process of admission in LL B (Honours) course subject to the condition that they shall not admit more than 50(fifty) students in a semester. Similarly, the Bar Council shall continue the enrollment process and it has the power to scrutinize the certificates issued by all universities and the scrutiny committee's decision shall prevail. No Court shall interfere with the scrutiny committee's decision till disposal of the matter finally. The matter shall appear in the list for hearing on 07.02.2017 along with the Civil Appeal arose of a writ petition filed in respect of a matter allowing the judges of lower judiciary to practice in the lower Courts."

There is no specific bar in admission of LL B (2-year) students from private universities or to restrict/ prohibit their enrollment rather it is left to the Bar Council of Bangladesh and UGC who issued circular/ notice for not admitting more than fifty studnets and not to admit LL B (2 year) students from June, 2014. What shall happen for those students who enrolled in LL B (2 yr) program in different private universities before the embargo and passed and their lists were sent to the Bar Council but the Bar Council refusing to allow their enrollment registration? Why students of LL B (2 yr) from the National University(i.e. Law Colleges) shall be allowed to register for Bar Council exam but not the students from Pvt. universities? Is there any bar in the above order to file another/ more writ in favour of the LL B (pass) students for their enrollment and to treat them with equal footing? Can the Bar Council treat students of the same program of different recognized universities differently?

However, in the final judgement (copy not attached) with few modifications, private universities and its students suffered a lot in ensuring quality services with quantity of students.

The copy of the short judgement is attached herewith for your kind consideration:



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Dr.Ahamuduzzaman 9Founder of ain-qanoon.com)/ 16.03.2017. updated 10.1.2019

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