We have been involved in multiple activities.
A glimpses of our recent activities is given below:

  1.  Legal training;
  2. Bar Council Coaching;
  3. Organized conference on Gender and empowerment fo women;
  4. Victims Support Funds (VSF);
  5. Publications;
  6. Recruitment;
  7. PIL and Advocacy;
  8. E-Books and E-journals publications;
  9. Law campaign, legal aid and services;
  10. Court visit and study tour;
  11. Data Collection, survey and research;
  12. Scholarships and fellowships;

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Recently we have added huge information to this site on: (Please go through the following links for your desired option...)

1. Forms (all government forms are linked)

2. Useful Links (important web addresses of Bangladesh)

3. Cause Lists (supreme Court cause lists)

4. Exam (For LL B and LL M students and also for Bar Council and BJS exam)

5. Drafting and conveyance (Legal notice, deeds, agreements, power of attorney, plaint etc.....)

6. Articles such as... Use of Bangla Language in legal study and law practices



(Please visit those sites and find your can go through search option on the right hand corner of the home page )

Compiled by: Ahamuduz zaman, Founder:

Law Guru

Founder: Ahamuduz Zaman (academician, researcher, author, columnist, lawyer, mentor, human rights activists).

Permanent Address

Vill: Aminnagar (Krishnabati);
P/O: Chanchra, P/S: Kotwali,
District: Jessore, Bangladesh.
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

Present Address

House- 2A, Road-19A,
Sector-11, Uttara,
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh;
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

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