This page portrays the legal system, Laws of Bangladesh, legal practices, legal professions and all activities on ‘law’ in the context of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a unitary, independent and sovereign republic to be known as ‘People’s Republic of Bangladesh’. The inhabitants citizens of Bangladesh are Bangalees with small number of tribal and ethnic minorities and the citizens are known as ‘Bangladeshis’. Bangla is the main and national language as well with sporadic use of tribal languages in CHT areas. All peoples of Bangladesh are well-known with English as it was a former colony of the British. Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan in 1971 and it is comprised of the total territories of East Pakistan.

Historically, Bangladesh has around 5000 years old civilization that gradually developed from Aryans, Romans, Persians, Indus, Nomads, Himalayans, Turks, Arabs, Afghans, Mongolians, Arakanians and Tibetans. Around 90% population of Bangladesh is now Sunni Muslim and the rest are Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Ethnic minorities or others. ‘Rice’ is the main ‘food habit’ with many local, regional and other international food items are available. Bangladesh is self-dependent in producing basic food-items as it has a huge arable land. Around 1 crore people of the country are now working in many countries as skilled or unskilled workers with a huge number living with permanent residence status. The garment sector employs around 50 lac workers of which 90% are woman. The main sources of income is foreign remittance, garment export, outsourcing, leather-goods, small, medium and heavy industries production on cement, bicycle, leather goods, shipbuilding etc,. The ‘Human Development Index (HDI)’, and ‘Gender Gap Index (GGI)’ and fulfillment of its commitment towards ‘Millennium Development Goal (MDG)’ show steady but sustainable economic growth. However, the situation of political instability, corruption, mismanagement of resources, access to justice and rule of law is not yet praiseworthy. The influence of India and interference of western countries in government activities can be found everywhere. The country is still struggling to ensure economic emancipation, democracy, social justice and political stability. wishes a successful Bangladesh as a country, as a nation and as a global leader. is a shadow of your struggle in quest of justice.
May Bangladesh live forever!


Laws of Bangladesh
Ministry of law, justice and parliamentary affairs
Legal and semi-legal institutions (Please go to  Useful Links for more details)

  • JATI
  • Office of the Attorney Generals and Solicitor’s
  • BJSC
  • Parliament secretariat
  • ACC
  • NBR
  • NHRC
  • Bangladesh Bank;
  • Press Council
  • Cooperative Board
  • Information Rights Commission
  • Energy regulatory Commission
  • BTRC
  • BRTA
  • Election Commission
  • SEC
  • Other Ministries and departments

Legal remedies
Offence and Punishments
Court proceedings
Registration laws   (Please go to Chart data and survey reports  for all relevant laws of Bangladesh on registration)

  • Land registration
  • Marriage registration
  • Other registration of property rights
  • Birth Registration
  • National ID
  • Foreign citizen registration
  • Society registration
  • Company registration

Power of attorney
Land mutation
Legal drafting

Law Books

Law Journals

NGO’s (legal and human rights)
Law degree

Law Admission

Legal system

Courts/ Tribunals (Please go to Chart data and survey reports for more details)

Legal profession
Legal studies

Bar Council (exam)  (Please go.....Exam.....for details)

BJSC (exam) (Please go..... Bar Council / BIS Coaching....for details)

The judiciary
The parliament
The executive
Enactment of law by the president
Enactment of law by the parliament
Other law making procedures
Amendment of the constitution
Amendment of other laws

Legal job  (Please go to Recruitment4 or  Recruitmentfor details legal jobs or jobs for law graduates available now in Bangladesh....)

Legal training (Please visit...Legal Training for details of our training program)

Legal aid (Please go...Legal Aid and Services for details...)

Rule of law

Election mechanisms

  • Parliamentary
  • Presidential;
  • Local government;
  • By-election;
  • Others

Rights (Please go to.... Rights .....for details)

Human rights (Please go to.... Rights .....for details)

Fundamental rights(Please go to.... Rights .....for details)

Service rules (public service)

Woman empowerment (Please visit... Crime Reports    and Chart data and survey reports for more details on violence against women(VAW) upto 2014 and the World Economic Forum (WEF) Report)


(Compiled by: Ahamuduz zaman, Founder:

Law Guru

Founder: Ahamuduz Zaman (academician, researcher, author, columnist, lawyer, mentor, human rights activists).

Permanent Address

Vill: Aminnagar (Krishnabati);
P/O: Chanchra, P/S: Kotwali,
District: Jessore, Bangladesh.
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

Present Address

House- 2A, Road-19A,
Sector-11, Uttara,
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh;
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

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