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Bar Council or BJS MCQ Model Test with Answer Sheet


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Bar Council/ BJS Coaching

Bangladesh Bar Council is an autonomous statutory organization headed by a Chairman (Attorney General) and a number of 14 members elected by the lawyers. If any person wants to be a lawyer, he must attend in the Bar Council enrolment examination (MCQ/Written and Viva Voce).  If passed in all examinations, he will be a lawyer and will be entitled to practice before all civil and criminal courts of Bangladesh except the Supreme Court. If any person wants to be a lawyer to the High Court Division, he must pass in the High Court permission tests (written and viva)and then will be allowed to Practice before the HCD. He must take membership of the Supreme Court Bar Association. The Chief Justice grants senior lawyers to Practice before the Appellate Divisions.

If you want to be a Judge of the Subordinate Courts of Bangladesh, you have to attend in the Bangladesh Judicial services Commission (BJS) examination. The BJS started its functions after the separation of judiciary in 2007. To become a Judge/ Justices of the High Court Division one needs to become a practicing advocate to the Supreme Court for at least ten years or to hold any judicial position in Bangladesh for not less than ten years.

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In 2015, a number of around 20000 attended in the Bar Council exam of which only 30% i.e. 5800 passed in MCQ. The written result not yet published. In the Judiciary one in every thousand gets an opportunity to become an assistant Judge in Bangladesh.

Considering the above, as a teacher, I have felt to do something for the students and therefore gradually trying to include different types of MCQ / Short type and written type (broad)/ problematic and informative type questions based on topics and subjects.

I have also considered that a number of students in the LL B and LL M students have been seriously affected by the different types of curriculum in different universities. So a number of questions are also included as samples for the students of various law programs. The teachers and researchers can also be befitted by these questions.


Ahamuduz zaman. (

This page included questions of the following subjects:


MCQ (Mixed) for bar Council exams included Code of Civil Procedure (CPC),1908; Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr P C),1898;  Penal Code, 1860; Specific Relief Act (S R), 1877; The Evidence Act, 1872; The Limitation Act, 1908; Bangladesh Bar Council Order, 1972 and Canons of professional Conduct and etiquette, 1969 and also some common types of questions.

  1. Syllabus for Bangladesh Bar Council enrolment exam
  2. Application for enrolment

Forms and details syllabus:  Please Click Here

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