Documentation shall work on diverse field of law including documentation for legal purposes such as loan disbursing, lease, mortgage, contract for sale, sale, acquisition, requisition, admission, immigration, taxation, licenses, company formation, formation of bank, insurances, NGO’s, micro-credit organization, corporation, proprietorship, private companies, private universities, retirement facilities, case filing, book materials etc,.
We shall further work on the following;

  • Film, Feature Film;
  • Autobiography;
  • Audio-Visual Lecture;
  • Legal Advice;
  • Case Documentation;
  • Law Links;
  • News Links;
  • Field Study;
  • Survey, Data Collection and Research;




Please visit to...Legal advice 2 on the validity of a marriage when divorce registered before expiration of iddah period or 90 days; and legal advice 3 Opinion on the validity of a Muslim marriage and the case .... and Legal advice on 'talaq or divorce notice' and rights of a woman after dissolution of marriage for legal advice which is stated on the home page.


Please go to... Drafting and conveyance and Online Law Teaching section of our Home page stated on various issues

such as... Affidavit stands for ‘halafnama’ in Bangla. ....Drafting of legal notice .....Miscellaneous

Petitions (Civil, criminal and writ)... Cheque Dishonour Case details petition and read more...


Law Links


Please go to.... Chart data and survey reports and Crime Reports and Useful Links and Research for more

details ....


News Links


Please go to News & Services links of our Home Page on various legal news such as...Use of Bangla Language in legal study and law practices for legal news and Recruitment/Legal JOB for legal jobs available in Bangladesh.



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