Forms attached lots of forms necessary for various legal purposes. We shall include many more soon. The forms are collected and consolidated from various laws and administrative authorities. The do not claim ownership of the form but consolidated to this site for easy access to the information and to save people from corruption. Most of the forms are available without any fees or charges. However, some charges may be necessary during submission of the forms to the respective authority which shall be paid through bank draft/ pay order or chalan.

There are various forms that can be collected from the websites of concerned department, Ministry or Courts such as Supreme Court of Bangladesh websites or Bangladesh Code of the Ministry of Law. (Please go to Useful Links menu bar of

(Please visit to this site for Government Forms  used on various purposes in Bangladesh)  

1200 forms uses in the business, laws,trade, commerce, miscellaneous, licenses, company matters, banking matters etc,. of Bangladesh Government is given alphabetically in English can be downloaded from the corresponding link: (Please click to):

Academic certificate and transcripts
Account Opening
Account statement
Advocateship / enrolment
Air plane passenger unaccompanied luggage/ baggage (export) Rules, 1999
Appeared certificate
Application for a insurance company
Application for establishing Bank
Application for other company
Application for set up of a Private university
Application forms for freight forwarding agent license under the Freight forwards Rules (licensing and works maintenance), 2008 (rule 5)
Articles of association (AOA)
Bail Bond
Bank Guarantee forms under the Detained Ship (interim release) Rules, 1997 and 1999 (sec 157 of customs Act, 1969)
Birth registration
Blest membership
Case book for bar council exam;
Certificate case
Charge sheet
Check list for procurement processing and approval procedure for services (firms)
Check-list for procurement processing and approval procedure for goods or works
Cheque form
Copy right registration
Corporation/ autonomous/ semi-autonomous associations er nirbahi prodhan o todnimno kormokortader jonno nunnotomo arthik khomotar sub-delegation er nomuna/ model
Corrigendum/ erratum
Credit Transfer/ Transfer certificate
Customs clearance
CV/Resume/ Cover letter
Delegation of Financial powers for development projects (Office memo no. om/ ob/ uba-1/bibidh-76/02/838, dated 22-12-2004
Deposit form
First Information Report (FIR)
Forms for Appointment of pre-shippment inspection Agency under Customs Act, 1969 and SRO no. 255-ain/2002/1973/duty
Forms for declaration of value under the Duty evaluation (of imported goods) Rules, 2000
Forms for drawback of duty under the production by imported Raw materials and for purpose of export Rules, 1988
Forms of certificate of origin under the Standard Rules of Origin , 1977
Forms of freight forwarding agent license under the Freight Forwards (licensing and works maintenance) Rules, 2008 (SRO no. 18-ain/2008/2174/shulko) (Rule 6(4)
Forms under passenger (non-tourists) baggage (import) Rules, 2009
Forms under the Acquisition of Immovable Property Rules, 1982
Forms under the Acquisition of Immovable Property Rules, 1982
Forms under the Agricultural Khas land Management nd settlement policy, 1997
Forms under the Appellate Division Rules
Forms under the Bangladesh abandoned property (Industries) Rules, 1972
Forms under the Bangladesh abandoned Property (taking over possession) Rules, 1972
Forms under the Brick klin (control) Rules, 1989
Forms under the Building Construction Act, 1952
Forms under the Company Act, 1994
Forms under the Constitution of Bangladesh,1972
Forms under the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009
Forms under the Cooperative Society Registration Act 2001
Forms under the CPC,1908
Forms under the Cr P C,1898
Forms under the CRO
Forms under the CRRO,2009
Forms under the Customs Advisor License Rules, 2000
Forms under the Customs Agents (Licensing) Rules, 1986
Forms under the Environment conservation Rules, 1997
Forms under the Family Court Ordinances, 1985
Forms under the High Court Rules
Forms under the Income Tax Ordinance 1984
Forms under the Insurance Act
Forms under the Jail Code,1864
Forms under the Labour Code, 2006
Forms under the Land Reforms Rules, 1984
Forms under the Metropolitan Police Ordinances
Forms under the Microcredit regulatory authority Act
Forms under the Ministry/ Department and uhar awtadhin doptor/ songjukto doptor/ paridoptor er motorjan, noujan, computer o office e baborito onnanno jontropati okejo ghoshonakoron o noshpottir nitimala
Forms under the National Payment of drawback of customs duty and sales tax Rules, 1982
Forms under the PDR Act, 1913
Forms under the Police Act,1861 (Please visit Crime Reports Link for important forms used by police forces of Bangladesh)
Forms under the PRB,1943 Please visit Crime Reports Link for important forms used by police forces of Bangladesh) (download from the sources)

Forms under the Premises Rent Control Rules 1964
Forms under the Pre-shipment inspection audit agency order, 2000
Forms under the Registration Act, 1908 and Registration Rules, 1973
Forms under the Requisition of immovable property Rules, 1982
Forms under the Tenancy Rules 1954 and the Tenancy Rules 1955
Forms under the Total import oriented industry (Temporary import) Rules, 1993
Forms under the Value-Added tax Rules, 199
Forms under the Vested Property Return Act, 2001
Forms under the Voluntary Social welfare Associations (Registration abd Control) Rules, 1962
Forms under transfer of residence baggage (import) Rules, 2000
General Diary(GD)
Gonokhatye corporation/ autonomous/ semi-autonomous associations er purto kaj shompadon/ ponno kroy/ poramorshok sheba grohon songkranto chukti onumodon/ shompadon bishoye arthik khomota prodan (Office memo no. om/ ob/ uba-1/bibidh-76/02/682, dated 11-09-2004
Inquest Report
Insurance Claim
Job application to Blest/
Kroychukti shompadon songslisto arthik khomotar puno:orpon er nomuna/ model shongshodhon/ punorbinnash
L/C form
Land registration (sale deed)
Land Registration fees  (Please visit Rates & Fees link of this site for update registration fees)
Legal aid application
Listing as freight forwards under section 207 of Customs act, 1969 and the Freight forwards Rules (licensing and works maintenance), Rules 2008 (rule 8(2)
Marriage deed/ kabinnama
Meeting Minutes
Memorandum of association (MOA)
Money/Fund Transfer
MPO (Monthly payment Order) application
National ID
Negotiable Instrument cheque dishonour/ bounce notice
No Objection for surgery
Notice (Please visit Drafting of legal notice link of this site for different types of legal notice)
Oath form
Other registration fees
Patent Rights
Pilgrims registration
Power of attorney
Proclamation of arrest
Procurement processing and approval timetable/ flow chart
Refugee status form
Registration under DFP (Department of Film and publications)
Schedule of times and values currently in force
Schedules under the Customs (grant of reward) Order 1986
Subdelegation of financial power (office memo no. om/ob/by:ni:-1/dp-1/200/13 dated 03.02.2005
Tax Rates
Trade license
Trade mark
Transfer certificate
VAT Rates/ forms
Vehicle registration
VISA application
Vokalatnama (Please visit Affidavit stands for ‘halafnama’ in Bangla. for details on various affidavit).
Written statement (Please visit Miscellaneous Petitions (Civil, criminal and writ) link of for details on different petitions)

Law Guru

Founder: Ahamuduz Zaman (academician, researcher, author, columnist, lawyer, mentor, human rights activists).

Permanent Address

Vill: Aminnagar (Krishnabati);
P/O: Chanchra, P/S: Kotwali,
District: Jessore, Bangladesh.
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

Present Address

House- 2A, Road-19A,
Sector-11, Uttara,
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh;
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

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