Law and Literature

Intermingling of different branches of knowledge has been a common practice in recent time. Though law and literature on first impression seems to surely exist in different universes of thought, feeling and practice, great legal and literary academicians have found a close interrelation between these two great studies and have started talking about manifold advantages of intermingling them. This aims at chalking out the various aspects of the relationship between law and literature besides finding out the benefits of intermingling them.

From ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles to all time great dramatist Shakespeare to foremost English novelist Dickens to modern legal dramatist Grisham, stories about law have fascinated the readers and endowed with an outsider’s view of the efficiency of justice system. Law and literature are closely interrelated. The sources of Law include legal fiction. Legal fiction, i.e. Fictio Juris means “any assumption which conceals or tends to conceal the fact that the rule of law had undergone any alteration, its letter remaining unchanged but its operation being modified”(Islam, 2002). In this context, we can very relevantly talk about the Holy Qur’an which is indeed a great piece of literature as well as a storehouse of law. Some popular as well as critically acclaimed literary works by prominent writers like Shakespeare, Kafka, Dickens, Camus, show how the theme of law has been dealt with by them. Almost every careful reader should know that these writers were more or less influenced by the legal system of their own time and were aware of the impact of it at both personal and social level. It will be wrong to think that just to tell an interesting story they took law as the subject matter of their novel or play. In fact, through their skilful plot development their views about the then legal system have been expressed. What is most interesting here is that they were influenced by law and have definitely influenced law as well.

We shall continue working on various literature of the world with special references to Bangla and English literature to know, identify, and examine relationship of law and literature in ensuring human rights, human civilization, human psychology and human aspiration towards justice.

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