Laws of Bangladesh gives a brief discussion on the laws of Bangladesh with links for the concerned law. At present, around 9000 laws are prevailing in Bangladesh of which only 900 laws are made or approved by the Parliament as Act or ordinance or Order and the rests are special executive law or sub-ordinate laws such as rules, regulations, customs, usages, circulars, policies, notifications, SRO’s etc,.

Do you know about the types of Law? Do you want a flaw chart of the various types of Laws of Bangladesh and International law? Please click to: types-of-law-bangladesh-international.pdf


To know laws of Bangladesh Please visit: Useful Links and also see:

  1. Act
  2. Ordinance
  3. Order

  4. Rules (For High Court Division and Appellate Division Rules : Please click to: )

  5. Regulations (For Police Regulations Bengal, Please Click to: )

  6. Bye-laws
  7. Notifications
  8. Circular
  9. Policy
  10. Customs
  11. Usages
  12. Precedent

  13. Case laws (Please go to... Case studies and case laws/ law reports )

  14. Personal laws
  15. Other statutory laws
  16. Interpretation of statutes
  17. Forms
  18. Legal procedures
  19. Legal remedies
  20. Offences and Punishments

  21. Law chart (Please visit...Chart data and survey reports and Rights)

  22. Subject wise laws
  23. Upcoming laws
  24. Bangladesh code (
  25. International laws binding for Bangladesh
  26. Miscellaneous

Subject-wise (Relevant laws of Bangladesh)

  1. Civil law
  2. Criminal law
  3. Islamic jurisprudence
  4. Medical jurisprudence
  5. Jurisprudence and legal theories
  6. Banking law
  7. Special law
  8. Labour law
  9. Company law
  10. Procedural law

  11. Clinical legal education (Please go to... Drafting and conveyance and Drafting of legal notice and Exam and Bar Council / BJS Coaching and many more...)
  12. IT law

Taxation Law

  1. Tax free incomes
  2. Tax return submission
  3. Tax case laws
  4. Tax case procedures
  5. Tax tribunals
  6. Transfer pricing
  7. Tax calculation
  8. Tax certificate
  9. Tax laws and regulations
  10. Tax SRO’s
  11. Others

 Please visit the NBR website linked to:

Personal law
Consumer law
Constitutional law
Family law
Public/ Social welfare laws
Indemnity laws
Pornography and prostitution laws
Terrorism laws
Shipping Law
Media law
Agricultural laws

Food laws ( we have given lists of food laws to...Chart data and survey reports )

Citizenship law
Contempt laws
Immigration law
Customs law
Service law
Show-biz law
Tort law
Contract law
Business law
Corporate finance law

Environmental law (Please visit to...Chart data and survey reports)

Refugee law
Aviation law
Admiralty law
Arms law
Anti corruption law
Energy law
Intellectual property law

Registration law (Please visit to ... Rates & Fees)

Real estate law

Land law (Please go to the following link: transfer-of-immovable-property-of-bangladesh.pdf )

Transfer of property law

Case law (please visit ...Research  and Case studies and case laws/ law reports )

Insurance law
Employment law
Telecommunication law
Water law
Sharia law
Media law

Evidence law(Please go to ...Exam )

Penal law(Please go to ...Exam )

Motor vehicles law
Trust law
Private university law
Hindu law
Succession law
MLM law
Partnership law

Professional practicing law (For Bar Council exam and law practices... (Please go to ...Exam ); and Bar Council / BJS Coaching )

Public demands recovery law
Tourist law
Investment law

Stamp law (Please visit... Rates & Fees )

Suit valuation Law (Please follow the link... )

Court fees law: ( Please go to the following link...

Non-government educational institutions law
Remittance law
Law of Equity

Limitation law (Please go to ...Exam )

Military law
Defence law

Police law(Please go to...Crime Reports)

 Jail/ prisoners law

ADR law (Please visit the link...Legal Aid and Services and Lobbying and ADR )

Legal aid law(Please visit the link...Legal Aid and Services )

Human rights and humanitarian law (Please go to...Rights )

Law of the sea
Forensic law
Natural resources law
Health law
Procurement law
Administrative law
Expatriate welfare law
Local Government laws
Other laws

Forms (Please visit...Forms)

Sectors outside legal provisions in BD
Cause lists of Supreme Court of Bangladesh (Please go to...Cause Lists )
Loopholes of Laws in Bangladesh working to input update information on all the above issues.

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