Legal compliance provides assistance in maintaining legal compliance in various fields of customs, taxes, labour rights, banking loan, share issuance, land purchase, NGO’s activities, foreign donation, online transactions, issuance of licenses, registration etc,.We are conducting training on legal compliance in consumer protection, labour rights, health services, medical services, drug manufacturing, immigration, law admission, student visa process, building construction etc,. We are engaged in various national and international compliance agencies and working jointly in many sectors to oversee legal compliance scenario in Bangladesh. Our ‘lobbying and ADR’ cell have been constantly working to ensure legal compliance and resolving disputes through amicable settlement. Legal compliance in some government sectors is praiseworthy like in Bangladesh bank regarding ‘day care’ centre for the children of its female workers and employees. Legal compliance in the ‘garment sectors’ is a burning issue for implementing worker’s rights in Bangladesh. There are compliance departments in multinational companies but in private sectors of Bangladesh, legal compliance is still a dream to the employee and workers. Many organizations have no service rules even and as such employees have no job security or legal remedies for discharge, dismissal, suspension, termination etc, wishes to work in this sector as part of its commitment with prospective clients and service receivers. We want to establish ourselves as a world class compliance agency working not for profit but for services.

Law Guru

Founder: Ahamuduz Zaman (academician, researcher, author, columnist, lawyer, mentor, human rights activists).

Permanent Address

Vill: Aminnagar (Krishnabati);
P/O: Chanchra, P/S: Kotwali,
District: Jessore, Bangladesh.
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

Present Address

House- 2A, Road-19A,
Sector-11, Uttara,
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh;
Phone: 01552-455241, 01717763964;

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