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Registration Directorate: Property registration is one of the most important characteristic in the Land Management system of our country. Registration process of documents is controlled by the Registration Directorate. The main function and responsibility of the Registration Directorate, under the Ministry of Law, Judicial & Parliamentary Affairs, is to make an easy access for the people to the registration system. The Directorate is responsible for implementing the rules and regulations regarding registration of documents through 61 District Registrar & 476 Sub-Registry Offices situated all over the country except 3 Hill Tract Districts. The whole process is based on the existing Registration Act, Rules and the Registration manual. The object for which the law of registration was promulgated are set forth below :- 1) To provide conclusive guarantee of the genuineness of documents; 2) To afford publicity to transactions of property; 3) To prevent frauds; 4) To afford facility of ascertaining whether a property has already been dealt with; and 5) To afford security of title-deeds and facility of providing titles in case the original deeds are lost or destroyed. CITIZEN CHARTER OF SERVICE IN A REGISTRATION OFFICE. 1. Registration of documents of transfer of movable or immovable properties. 2. Permanent preservation of records of registration. 3. Supply of any certified copy in case of any loss or destruction of original document. 4. Intending party can collect any kind of information regarding transfer of property. 5. Intending party can collect Non-Encumbrance Certificate through Deed Writers or Searchers.

Fees payable for Registration of documents.

  1. For Sale, Gift, Exchange, Release, Settlement etc, minimum TK. 100/-& 2 % when the value is above TK. 5000/-
  2. For Mortgage in favour of Bank or Financial Institutions :- (i) Where the amount of money to be secured does not exceed 5 lac Taka- 1% of the amount of money secured, but ≥ Tk 200/00- Tk.500/00≤ (ii) Where the amount of money to be secured is above 5 Lac Taka but does not exceed 20lac Taka- 0.25%, but ≥ Tk 500/00- Tk. 2000/00≤ (iii) Where the amount of money to be secured is above 20 Lac Taka- 0.10%, but ≥ Tk 3000/00- Tk.5000/00≤
  3. For Contract of Sale :- (i) Where value of a property is not more than 5 lac taka- Tk500/00 (ii) Where value of a property is above 5lac taka and not more than 50 lac taka- Tk1000/00 (iii) Where value of a property is above 50 lac taka- Tk2000/00 -2-
  4. For registration of a declaration of heba of any immovable property under the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) shall be 100/00 Taka irrespective of the value of the property, if such heba is made between spouses, parents and children, grand parents and grand children, full brothers and full sisters and full brothers and full sisters.
  5. For registration of instrument of partition of immovable property excluding the largest share- (i) Where value of a property is not more than Tk3 lac 500/00 (ii) Where value of a property is above Tk 3 lac and not more than Tk 10 lac 700/00 (iii) Where value of a property is above Tk 10lac taka and not more than Tk 30 lac 1200/00 (iv) Where value of a property is above Tk 30lac taka and not more than Tk 50 lac 1800/00 (v) Where value of a property is above Tk 50lac 2000/00
  6. For registration of Trust Deed:- (i) Where the trust fund and value of property of the trust does not exceed Tk 5000/00 - 100/00 (ii) Exceeding Tk 5000/00 - 2500/00
  7. For registration of Lease document :-ss (i) For a period less than 1year - Same as sale on the total amount of any premium or advance and rent. (ii) For a period 1 year or more, but not exceeding 10 years- Same as sale on the total amount premium or advance and annual average rent . (iii) For a period exceeding 10years or for an indefinite period - Same as sale on the total amount of premium and advance and two years average rent. (iv) Where the original lease and count part be presented for registration at the same time, the fees for counterpart is- 100/00Taka.
  8. For registration of Will or Revocation of Will-200/00.
  9. For registration of Reconveyance, Surrender of lease, Revocation of Trust and Settlement, Deeds of Partnership and Dissolution or Partnership, Cancellation of other than wills, Security Bond, Affidavit-100/00 .
  10. For Application of Land Transfer Notice- Court fee Stamp 10/00 .
  11. s payable for Search, Inspection and Copy. 1) Search:- For each entry of the name of person or property- (i) For 1 year-10/00. (ii) for more than 1 year:- for the 1st year-10/00 . for every additional year-10/00 . -3- 2) Inspection :- Of copy or each specified document in Register Book 1,3 or 4 or of each entry in any other Register Book or of any specified document or of a paper in a file-5/00 3. Copy:- For copies of reasons, entries or document- (i) For every 100 words or part thereof in Bengali-3/00 . (ii) For every 100 words or part thereof in English -5/00. For urgent copies extra fee for taka 20/- or if the exceeds pages, extra fee for Tk. 5/00 for each pages. For each application for copy, court fee stamp for Tk. 4/00 to be paid.

Extra or Additional Fees

  1. For the attendance u/s 31 of an officer at a private residence for presentation, registration or deposit of any document the fee shall be TK. 300/00.
  2. For issuing commission u/s 38 (2) or 33(3) the fee shall be Tk 200/00
  3. Travelling allowance shall be paid to the Registering Officer at the rate Tk. 1.50 and to the peon at the rate of Tk. 0.60 a mile in addition to (1) & (2) above.
  4. The Fee for authentication or attesting of powers of attorney shall be (i) for special power Tk. 100/00 and (ii) for general power Tk. 200/00.
  5. If a document is of such length that occupies more than 2 pages of the register , an extra copying fee at the rate of Tk. 12/00 for every page of part there of in excess of the first two pages to be paid .
  6. When a document remains unclaimed for more than one month after completion of registration a fee of Tk. 3/00 shall be charge the first month and the total amount shall not exceed Tk. 50/00.

Rate of local Tax , Gain Tax & VAT

  1. Local Govt. Tax :

(1) For transfer of property in City Corporation Cantt. Board or Municipal area 1% on the value of property expressed in the document .

(2) For transfer of property other than (1) above 1% Zilla parishad & Union parishad tax on the value of property expressed in the document .

  1. Gain Tax (Income tax at source) (1) for transfer of property in City Corporation, Cantt. Board or Municipal area 2% on the value of property expressed in the document . (2) For transfer of non-agricultural property outside City Corporation , Cantt. Board or Municipal area valued over 1 lac taka 1% on the value of property expressed in the document . (3) For Plots sold by land Developer Company 2% &1% on the value expressed in the document respectively in areas of above mentioned (1) & (2). -4- (4) For apartments/Flat/Building sold by Builders or Building Construction Company taka 250/00 per square metre on the area of the apartment / flat or building .
  2. Value Added Tax (VAT): For apartments / flat/building sold by Builders or Building Construction Company 1.5% VAT to be paid on the total value of property expressed in the document .

Rate of Stamp Duty for some important instruments

  1. Sale/Gift/Exchange (i ) in urban area ..................... 5% on the value of the consideration. (ii) in rural area .........................2% on the value of the consideratio .
  2. Contract fore Sale/Agreement............................................. TK 150/00.(now 300taka) 3. Affidavit/Declaration of Heba/Declaration .........................TK 50/00. (Now 200 taka)
  3. Rectification/Cancellation/Redemption/Reconveyance.......................... TK 150/00.
  4. Waqf/settlement..............................................................................2% on the value expressed in the document.
  5. Mortgage in favour of any scheduled Bank or Financial Institution :- (1) Money secured up to TK 10 Lac.....................................................TK 1500/00 (2) Money secured in excess of TK 10 Lac but less than 50 lac..........TK 3500/00. (3) Money secured in excess of tk 50 lac: For the first tk 50 lac...........................TK 3500/00. For the amount above tk 50 lac.........TK 0.10% in excess of Tk.50lac.
  6. Trust ................................................................... TK 33/75. Scale of fees to be charged by the licensed deed writers (a) For drafting deeds Tk. 15/00 for every 300 words or part thereof . (b) For writing deeds on the basis of drafts and rendering all assistance to get them registered Tk. 10/00 for every 300 words or part thereof. (c) for writing all applications whether in prescribed print forms or otherwise and filling the same Tk. 5/00 for each application . (d) For writing summons and filling the same Tk. 2/00 for each summon. (e) For writing SAT Act (Land transfer) notices and filling the same Tk. 2/00 for each notice. (f) For making searches of indexes or in section of volumes Tk. 5/00 per year for each name of the person or property. (g) For taking delivery of documents when authorized by the party Tk. 5/00 for each document. Munshi Nazrul Islam Inspector General of Registration (C.C) Registration Directorate,DhakaSource

Most important (land) registration Laws in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has started digital land registration since 2012.

The Registration Act, 1908

  • The Stamp Act, 1899
  • The Transfer of Property Act, 1882
  • The State Acquisition & Tenancy Act, 1950
  • The Income Tax Ordinance, 1984
  • মূল্য সংযোজন কর আইন, ১৯৯১.
  • The Contract Act, 1872
  • The Basic Democracy Order, 1959
  • The Powers-of-Attorney Act,1882
  • সম্পত্তির বাজার মূল্য নির্ধারণ বিধিমালা, ২০১০


For Court fees please go to the following link: http://bdlaws.minlaw.gov.bd/pdf/21___Schedule.pdf 

Suit valuation Law (Please follow the link... http://bdlaws.minlaw.gov.bd/pdf_part.php?act_name=&vol=III&id=57

Some important stamp duties under the schedule of the Stamp Act, 1899

Name of the deed

Stamp duties in taka)





Exceed one thousand taka loan


Administrative Bond/ savings Bond

·         200

·         50

50 taka when not exceeding taka 5000 value of the bond




Court affidavit and affidavit under army Act is exempted


Adoption deed








Agreement to sale of a bill of exchange




Agreement to sale of government security




Agreement to sale of a government share




Agreement for leas of title deeds

0.25% of the value



Power of attorney


For single purpose to one




Authorizing more than one to a single transaction




Authorizing not more than 5 in generally




Authorizing more than 5 but not ten in a single act to perform jointly


Apprenticeship/ Clerkship




Articles of association of a company


When not exceeding 20 lac




Exceeding 20 lac but not exceeding six crore




Exceeding six crore




For non-profit company under section 28 of the Company Act, 1994


Arbitral award

1.5% but not exceeding 400 taka

If the value is 2 lac taka



.5% but not exceeding 20000 taka

If the value exceeds 2 lac taka


Bill of Exchange


Differs under certain circumstances


Bill of lading


Not exceeding 10000




Exceeding 10 thousand but not 1 lac (100000) taka




Exceeding 1 lac






Headman appointment




Certificate of Sale


Not exceeding 5000

PDR Act,1913


3% of the value

Exceeding 5000 value



3% of the value



Certified copy of a public officer

30 taka

If duty not paid for the original copy 50 taka


Duplicate of any instrument




Customs Bond


Not exceeding twenty lac




Exceeding 2000000



3% of the value

Issued by an incorporated company is exempted


Delivery order of goods




Divorce instrument






Upto taka 20000




Above taka 20000


Permission to practice as   Supreme Court Lawyer




Allotment of shares








License (Land)




Memorandum of association


If accompanied by articles of association

Non profit company exmpted



If nominal share capiatl is not exceeding 5 lac




If exceeding nominal capital 5 lac


Mortgage deed




Mortgage by or in favour of Bank


Upto twenty lac




Above twenty lac upto one crore




Above one crore (upto 1 crore 5000 and than 1.10% ad valorem)








2000 when capitalexceeds 50000 taka


Insurance policy (voyage)

One taka

Premium Per centum is one eight



One taka

Per 1500 taka


Ditto (time)

One taka

Not exceeding twelve months for every thousand


Other insurance (fire etc,.)


Not exceeding taka 1000




If premium exceeds taka 10000


Accident and sickness insurance

2 taka

Not exceeding taka 10000



Taka 1

Id exceeds ten thousand for every taka 2500


Indemnity insurance

2 taka

Differs on various cases


Protest of Bill




Promissory note


2000/10000/ other cases


Transfer of share












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