Research shall conduct research to fulfill its mission and vision. It shall help to take new research initiatives by any researcher. We are planning to fix standard format of legal research proposal, research methodologies, sources of information, variables, literature review, bibliographies, reference styles etc,. We have a future plan to provide scholarships on various research activities. We are also interested in market and defence research as well.

There is a plenty of scope to use the approaches and methods depends on preferences, abilities and suitability to the topic. The several approaches to research methodologies included analytical, inter-disciplinary, comparative and historical. Legal research is traditionally classified into pure i.e. analysis of theories and applied research i.e. testing the theories in the real world. The other classifications included descriptive research and exploratory research. Descriptive research attempts to describe, systematically, a situation, problem, phenomenon and behaviour. Exploratory research enables the researcher to formulate problems for more in-depth study, develop hypotheses and find out the best solution to the problem.[1] The most prominent classification is qualitative and quantitative research. As suggested by the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica Research is -

“The act of searching into a matter closely and carefully, inquiry directed to the discovery of truth and in particular the trained scientific investigation of the principles and facts of any subject, based on original and first hand study of authorities or experiment. Investigations of every kind which have been based on original sources of knowledge may be styled research and it may be said that without “research’ no authoritative works have been written, no scientific discoveries or inventions made, no theories of any value propounded…”

Methodology is an important way to gain reliable and valid knowledge and to explore the relationship between theory and practice.[2] Legal research methodology is simply way of addressing and exploring unsettled legal questions or issues.[3]

It is frequently held prejudice that quantitative research is ‘objective’ vs. qualitative research is ‘subjective’. Quantitative research seeks out explanatory laws whereas qualitative research aims more at in-depth description. In general, qualitative research generates rich, detailed and valid process data that contribute to the in-depth understanding of a context. Quantitative research, on the other hand, generates reliable population-based and generalize data that is suited to establishing cause-and-effect relationships. wishes to conduct legal, multidisciplinary and social research on contemporary issues for ensuring sustainable development and to create a just based society free from all sorts of exploitation, fraud and corruption.

We believe that no knowledge can sustain without actual research on multi-disciplinary issues. Therefore our research team shall work constantly on improving this site to attract more visitors and to share our thoughts and creativities to them. We shall provide free legal advices and legal aids for victims and shall include our advices in this web-portal in written and audio-visual applications on various problems of law. We have a plan to start online law teaching as well.

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[1] Dr. Abdullah Al Faruque, Essentials of Legal Research, Palal Prokashoni, Dhaka, February 2009, p. 16.

[2] C R Kothari, Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques, 2nd edn., Wishwa Prakashan, 2001, p. 10.

[3] C Dominice, Methodology of International Law, Encyclopedia of Public International Law, 1997, p. 354.

Call for papers

1. Death Penalty Laws of Bangladesh..... Please go to ... death-penalty-laws-of-bangladesh.pdf

2. Sedition: Bangladesh Perspectives..... Please go to... sedition-bangladesh-perspectives.pdf

3. Use of Bangla in all state activities and the legal barrier... Please go... laws-bar-to-ensure-justice-through-languages-in-bangladesh.pdf

4. Consumer Rights Protection (Ph D) Thesis (1st Seminar Paper power point presentation) by Ahamuduz zaman . Please go to the following link:  

 5. Gender Equality Laws of Bangladesh: gender-equality-laws-and-gender-gap-scenario-in-bangladesh.pdf


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Judgements in PIL cases by HRPB

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  1. Writ Petition No. 6795 of 2005 - Civil Vacation Court
  2. Writ Petition No. 324 of 2009 - Ensure Pure Food
  3. Writ Petition No. 1190 of 2009 - VAT in health service
  4. Writ Petition No. 3503 of 2009 - Save river Burigonga, Balu, Turag and Shitallakha
  5. Writ Petition No. 6235 of 2006 - Protection of Azimpur Graveyard
  6. Writ Petition No. 7001 Of 2005 - Cattle Hat in street
  7. Writ Petition No. 9329 of 2008 - Earthquake resque equipments
  8. Writ Petition No. 749 of 2009 - Post Election Violance 2001
  9. Writ Petition No. 9592 of 2010 - Mohasthangor Protection
  10. Writ Petition No. 10803 of 11 - S. C. Judges Medical Bill
  11. Writ Petition .No. 989 of 10 - Save Botanical Garden
  12. Writ Petition No. 1053 of 2011 - Supreme Court Land
  13. SUO-MOTU RULE NO. 02 OF 2007 - Road accident and Speed Governer Seal
  14. SUO-MOTU RULE NO. 03 OF 2008 - Bangladeshi born UK citizen Torture at Dhaka airport
  15. Writ Petition No.945 of 2011 - Protection of Uttara Lake at Dhaka
  16. Writ Petition No.7473 of 2010 - Challenge holding the post of Administrative Appellate Tribunal
  17. Writ Petition No. 5162 of 2011 - Protect the Kuakata Sea Beach of Potuakhali
  18. Writ Petition No. 8282 of 2010 - Thermal Power Plant, Anwara, Chittagong
  19. Writ Petition No. 10027 of 2011 - Protocol as per Warrant of Precedence at Bangladesh Biman


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Articles Published by HRPB

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  1. Advacate Manzill Murshid - 2nd
  2. Advocate Mahbubul Islam
  3. Advocate Manzill Murshid -3rd
  4. Advocate Manzill Murshid
  5. Advocate Md. Munsurul Hoque Chowdhury
  6. Advocate Mohshen Rashid
  7. Advocate Sigma Huda
  8. Barrister ABM Siddiqur Rahman
  9. Barrister M. Amirul Islam
  10. Barrister Rabia Bhuiyan
  11. Justice A F M Abdur Rahman
  12. Justice A.K. Badrul Huq - 2nd
  13. Justice A.K. Badrul Huq - 3rd
  14. Justice A.K.Badrul Haque
  15. Justice M.R. Hasan
  16. Justice Mashuque Hosain Ahmed
  17. Justice Md. Hamidul Haque
  18. Justice Md. Imman Ali
  19. Justice Md. Ruhul Amin
  20. Justice Md. Sharifuddin Chaklader
  21. Justice Md. Awlad Ali - 2nd
  22. Justice Md. Awlad Ali - 3rd
  23. Justice Mohammad Anwarul Haque -2nd
  24. Justice Mohammad Anwarul Haque
  25. Justice Mohammad Fazlul Karim -2nd
  26. Justice Mohammad Fazlul Karim
  27. Justice Mustafa Kamal
  28. Justice S.K. Sinha
  29. Justice Salma Masud Choudhury - 3rd
  30. Justice Salma Masud choudhury
  31. Justice Salma Masud Chowdhury - 2nd
  32. Justice Shahidul Islam
  33. Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed
  34. Justice Syed J.R Mudassir Husain - 2nd
  35. Justice Syed J.R.Mudassir Husain
  36. Advocate Manzill Murshid - 4th
  37. Advocate Ripon Barai
  38. Barrister Moyeen Firozee
  39. Justice Ashfakul Islam
  40. Justice Awlad Ali
  41. Justice Md. Muzammel Hossain
  42. Justice M R Hasan - 2nd
  43. Justice Salma Masud Chowdhury - 4th


Articles by Justice M Imman Ali on "Child Rights"...


Children Act 2013 -Brief Commentary

Justice M Imman Ali


Towards a justice delivery system for children in Bangladesh

Justice M Imman A



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